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Adapted Corrections for the Method of Wilson and Wells for Determination of the Integrated Infrared Absorption Intensity

Volume 28, Number 6 (Dec. 1974) Page 580-581

Van Haverbeke, L.; Herman, M.A.

The method of Wilson and Wells for the determination of the integrated infrared absorption intensity is the most frequently used method. The starting point for this method is the observed surface area B beneath the band in experimental conditions:


The limitations of this method in the original form depend on the surface area. As only a finite integration interval can be used, correction terms have to be applied. This has been noticed by Ramsay, who has computed corrections for the residual surface out of the frequency interval used for the surface determination, the so-called "Wing" corrections. For a Cauchy type function, he used the equation:

[Equation 1]

In this relation ν1 and ν2 stand for the end points of the frequency interval, and Δ ν½ is the half-bandwidth.