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Accuracy and Linearity in UV Spectrophotometry with a Liquid Absorbance Standard

Volume 40, Number 8 (Dec. 1986) Page 1156-1161

Gil, Manuel; Escolar, Daniel; Iza, Nerea; Montero, Jose Luis

Estimations of the uncertainty of eight significant values (λ = 235, 257, 313, 322, 323, 345, 346, and 350 nm) of apparent molar absorptivities in the UV region have been obtained for acidic potassium dichromate solutions at pH 2.21-2.25, recommended as Standard Reference Materials (SRMs). The uncertainties include all the usual sources of possible systematic error in a commercial microprocessor-controlled spectrophotometer. The comparison of these values with those provided by the National Bureau of Standards (U.S.A.) indicates that a precision of ± 0.40% has been obtained throughout the absorptivity range. Likewise, the uncertainty in the linearity of experimental absorbances for the eight wavelengths has been estimated, and a table has been drawn up of the absorptivity values and their uncertainties at 10-nm increments over the wavelength range of 200 to 500 nm.