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Another Application of Diffuse Reflectance Attachment: IR Spectra of Unbacked Polymer Films up to 3 mil Thickness

Volume 41, Number 1 (Jan. 1987) Page 157-159

Sergides, C.A.; Chughtai, A.R.; Smith, D.M.

Obtaining infrared spectra of polymer films drawn from common organic solvents is a matter of routine, but the spectra of films of polymers soluble in exotic, toxic, and difficult-to-handle solvents are not so easily obtained. Typically, only extruded film of various dimensions is availablé commercially. One prominent example of such a polymer is polyethylene terephthalate (PET). A combination of exotic solvents is suggested but, in practice, it involves an extremely hazardous procedure. Films can be drawn from such solutions but the operation is not free of setbacks. The available films are extruded and are seldom of the dimensions necessary for a quick spectrum. Films up to 5 μ thickness give satisfactory spectra but, for thicker films, the bands become distorted, truncated, and out of scale, especially in the lower-energy region, and fringes are prominent. A novel but simple technique for acquiring IR spectra of such unbacked polymer films is available.