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Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Characterization of Sulfur-Oxygen Species Resulting from the Reaction of SO2 with CaO and CaCO3

Volume 41, Number 1 (Jan. 1987) Page 120-126

Martin, Meg A.; Childers, Jeffrey W.; Palmer, Richard A.

Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy (FT-IR/PAS) has been used to investigate the reaction of SO2 in He with CaO and CaCO3 particles at temperatures between 25 and 900°C. The reaction of SO2 with CaO occurs at 25°C, while the reaction of CaCO3 with SO2 is first evident at 550°C. The initial product of both of these reactions is CaSO3. The CaSO3 then further reacts with SO2 to form CaSO4, CaS2O3, and CaS at higher temperatures. At 900°C and above, the net production of SO4 and S2O3 is decreased because of the decomposition of SO3. FTIR/PAS depth-profiling experiments indicate the formation of a reaction-limiting product layer of SO3 and SO4 from the above reactions on the surface of the CaO and CaCO3 particles.