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On the Symmetry Behavior of Metal-Aquo Complex, [M(OH2)6]2+: An Analysis for [Ni(OH2)6]2+ in -NiSO46H2O Crystal

Volume 29, Number 2 (April 1975) Page 193-195

Jain, Y.S.; Bist, H.D.

The metal-aquo complex [M(OH2]2+ occupies lattice positions like a single molecular unit in several crystal hydrates and thus can statically be regarded as a quasi-molecule. The complex has been considered at times as a system of symmetry Th while at another time that of Oh in order to discuss its dynamics. The question, whether both of these point groups are equally appropriate or one of them should be preferred, has not been answered. In this note we discuss the symmetry behavior of [Ni(OH2)6]2+ in α-NiSO4·6H2O crystal as a special case and attempt to answer this question.