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Correlation of Crystal Morphology and Structure Using a Modified X-Ray Film Technique

Volume 41, Number 1 (Jan. 1987) Page 106-110

Musselman, Ronald L.; Schneider, Annegret A.G.

A convenient technique for the determination of the orientation of a solid-state molecule with respect to its crystalline morphology is presented. The process is especially suitable for spectroscopists wishing to orient crystals in preparation for polarized spectroscopy. Correlation of reciprocal axes with the crystal faces is accomplished by pinholes through a 0-level Weissenberg x-ray diffraction photograph, which allows assignment of spindle angles to lateral positions on the film. The correlation is extended to ORTEP drawings where a scaled-down crystal morphology is included in a standard crystal structure plot, enabling a clear picture of molecular orientations within a crystal. Viewing normal to actual crystal faces allows determination of molecular projections onto desired faces for alignment prior to polarized spectroscopy.