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Spectral Investigations of the Effects of 60Co-Gamma Irradiation on Iodothyronine and Iodotyrosines

Volume 41, Number 1 (Jan. 1987) Page 74-79

Obaid, A.; Basahl, S.; Diefallah, A.; Abu-Eittah, R.

Solids of 3-iodo-, 3-5 di-iodotyrosine and 3,5-di-iodothyronine were irradiated by 60Co-gamma irradiation for a period of about twenty hours. The effects of irradiation were investigated through a study of the UV and IR spectra of irradiated samples. UV spectra showed the presence of a new band at 360 nm which was assigned to the formation of IO. IR spectra showed a strong carbonyl absorption and the removal of the carboxylate band in the case of thyronine only. For comparison, the spectra of the studied compounds were investigated before irradiation.