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Lattice Phonon Spectra of Aluminum Oxide Anodic Films

Volume 29, Number 2 (April 1975) Page 185-189

Chatelet, J.; Claassen, H.H.; Gruen, D.M.; Sheft, I.; Wright, R.B.

Techniques have been developed for obtaining reproducible lattice phonon spectra of barrier aluminum oxide anodic films. Changes in the lattice phonon spectrum as a result of 15-keV proton bombardment are interpreted in terms of the formation of Al-OH bonds. Polarization spectra of stripped and unstripped aluminum oxide films confirm the findings of Vedder and Vermilyea, particularly with respect to the origin of the 960 cm−1 band. The close similarity in the observed and calculated band shapes (using the theory of Berreman) leave little doubt that the 960 cm−1 absorption is due to a longitudinal optic mode of the aluminum oxide lattice.