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An Infrared Spectrophotometer for the Organic Chemist

Volume 12, Number 1 (Feb. 1958) Page 1-5

Williams, Van Zandt

In the last decade there has been tremendous growth in the application of both infrared and ultraviolet spectrometry by the organic chemist. In each case, single-beam instruments appeared first, to be followed by the more versatile double-beam spectrophotometers. Because of the simplicity of ultraviolet spectrometry, both instruments are used in this field. In the infrared, however, the requirements are such that the double-beam instrument displaced the single-beam type even though it was more expensive. Because of this cost, infrared use has been limited to larger sites using central group, specialized personnel and the equipment has not been available to the chemist at the bench

In order to meet the chemist's need directly, there has been developed an inexpensive, reliable, double-beam infrared spectrophotometer The significance of this development to the chemist is described and illustrated.