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A Miniature, Low Energy Spark Discharge System for Emission Spectrochemical Analysis of Solutions

Volume 29, Number 3 (June 1975) Page 244-255

Zynger, J.; Crouch, S.R.

A miniature spark discharge system is described for solution analysis by emission spectroscopy. Samples are introduced as dry particles formed by nebulization into a heated desolvation chamber. The spark is formed by the discharge of a coaxial capacitor through a stream of argon which transports the desolvated aerosol. A photoelectric, time-resolved detection system for mechanistic studies and analytical applications is described. The detection system consists of a synchronous integrator controlled by a digital timing and sequencing system. The time-resolved spectral characteristics of the source are discussed, and time resolution is shown to provide enhanced sensitivity. Analytical results are reported for a variety of elements.