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Development of a Universal Ellipsoidal Mirror Device for Fluorescence Detected Circular Dichroism: Elimination of Polarization Artifacts

Volume 59, Number 1 (Jan. 2005) Page 121-125

Nehira, Tatsuo; Tanaka, Katsunori; Takakuwa, Takashi; Ohshima, Chie; Masago, Hisashi; Pescitelli, Gennaro; Wada, Akio; Berova, Nina

We have developed an ellipsoidal mirror fluorescence detected circular dichroism (FDCD) device with enhanced detection sensitivity that eliminates the polarization artifact; this is applicable to samples with strongly polarized fluorescence. The device, JASCO FDCD465, has an ellipsoidal mirror structure with a framework consisting of three mirrors (one elliptical and two plane mirrors) that maximally collects light in the FDCD. All assemblies on the device including the ellipsoidal mirror, cylindrical cell, and photomultiplier tube (PMT) are aligned on the chamber-fitting sample mount as an attachment compatible with a standard CD spectropolarimeter. The new FDCD465 device eliminates the polarization artifact caused by anisotropic distribution of the emitted light. It represents a convenient, reliable, and sensitive FDCD attachment to the JASCO J-800 CD spectrometer series that can be used under both isotropic and photoselected conditions.