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Balmer- Line Asymmetry Characteristics in a High Pressure, Microwave-Produced Argon Plasma

Volume 63, Number 11 (Nov. 2009) Page 1223-1231

Palomares, J.M.; Torres, J.; Gigosos, M.A.; van der Mullen, J.J.A.M.; Gamero, A.; Sola, A.

This paper presents a study on the asymmetry of the Balmer Hβ profile in plasmas produced by microwaves at high pressure with the help of some functions of asymmetry for the whole profile, as well as by means of some specific parameters characterizing only its central dip. The study shows how this asymmetry—very low in our case—depends on the electron density and flux of gases and how the existence of inhomogeneities in the plasma can affect the shape and symmetry of this line. Also, limitations on the determination of the asymmetry are pointed out and the use of this profile for plasma diagnosis is discussed.