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Mass Spectral Intensities of Inorganic Fluorine-containing Compounds

Volume 29, Number 4 (Aug. 1975) Page 334-337

Beattie, Willard H.

Mass spectral intensities and sensitivities of 24 fluorine-containing gases and vapors have been measured on a time-of-flight mass spectrometer at an ionizing voltage of 70 eV. Apparatus and techniques for handling fluorine compounds are described. The relative sensitivities and relative abundances are tabulated for the following gases: BF3, BrF5, CF4, CF3Cl, CF2Cl2, CF3l, C2F4, C2F6, ClF, ClF3, F2, HF, IF5, IF7, MoF6, NF3, N2F4, PF3, SF4, SF6, SO2F2, SiF4, UF6, and XeF4.