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Laser-Excited Time-Resolved Shpol'skii Spectroscopy for the Direct Analysis of Dibenzopyrene Isomers in Liquid Chromatography Fractions

Volume 58, Number 12 (Dec. 2004) Page 1385-1393

Yu, Shenjiang; Campiglia, Andres D.

We present a unique method for the unambiguous determination of dibenzo[a,l]pyrene, dibenzo[a,e]pyrene, dibenzo[a,h]pyrene, dibenzo[a,i]pyrene, and dibenzo[e,l]pyrene in high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fractions. Chemical analysis is performed via laser-excited time-resolved Shpol'skii spectroscopy with the aid of a cryogenic fiber-optic probe, pulsed tunable dye laser, spectrograph, and intensified charge-coupled device. Unambiguous identification is accomplished via wavelength time matrix formats, which give simultaneous access to spectral and lifetime information. Prior to spectroscopic analysis, HPLC fractions are pre-treated with liquid-liquid extraction or solid-liquid extraction at the tip of the fiber-optic probe. Solid-liquid extraction gives the best limits of detection, which vary from 40 pg mL-1 (dibenzo[a,l]pyrene) to 0.2 ng mL-1(dibenzo[e,l]pyrene).