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The Resonance Raman Microprobe Detection of Single Bacterial Cells From a Chromobacterial Mixture

Volume 41, Number 2 (Feb. 1987) Page 241-244

Dalterio, R.A.; Baek, M.; Nelson, W.H.; Britt, D.; Sperry, J.F.; Purcell, F.J.

High-quality resonance Raman spectra in the visible region can be obtained from very small aggregates of chromobacteria, and very useful spectra can be obtained from individual cells. Individual cells in bacterial mixtures have been clearly identified by argon-laser-excited resonance Raman spectra taken with a commercially available Spex Micramate. Organisms present in the vicinity of the laser beam and in the beam itself can be observed and counted with ease by means of a television image obtained via a vidicon tube attached to a microscope. The method appears capable of identification at the species level.