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A Universal Rotating System for Raman Spectroscopy

Volume 29, Number 5 (Oct. 1975) Page 434-436

Kiefer, W.; Schmid, W.J.; Topp, J.A.

The rotating Raman sample technique has become a powerful tool for exciting spectra of highly absorbing liquids or solids. Many applications of this technique particularly for the study of the laser-excited resonance Raman effect have been described in the literature. The very simple optical arrangement of this technique allows also its application in difference Raman spectroscopy. This has been successfully demonstrated recently by one of us. It was shown how the Raman spectra of dissolved materials can be recorded without interference with Raman lines of the solvent. Further advantages of this techniue over conventional Raman spectroscopy are accurate wave-number shift measurements and the possibility of corrections of the intensity error of Raman lines obtained from highly absorbing liquids. Also intensity measurements using simultaneously internal and/or external standard Raman lines can be carried out.