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The Computer Conversion of a Sine Drive Spectrometer to Linear Wavenumber Drive

Volume 29, Number 5 (Oct. 1975) Page 421-423

Murphy, William F.

For various reasons, we have had only sine drive spectrometers in our Raman laboratory, in spite of the advantages of working with spectra plotted linearly with respect to frequency. Since the inception of a research program in resonance Raman spectroscopy, it became more desirable to record spectra on a linear wavenumber scale, in order to facilitate comparison of spectra obtained with different excitation wavelengths. We have interfaced one of our spectromters to a minicomputer based data acquisition system, which can record data on magnetic tape for further processing at our Computation Centre; it is, of course, straightforward to replot these data on a wavenumber scale. However, for much of our work there is no other reason to acquire and store these spectra, and it is thus inconvenient to obtain a wavenumber plot in this manner. Therefore, it was decided to write a computer program for the system which would drive the sine drive spectrometer in a constant wavenumber per unit time mode, such that we could use normal detection methods to obtain a chart output which was linear in wavenumber.