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Reference Wavelengths for Strong Lines of Atomic Hydrogen and Deuterium

Volume 58, Number 12 (Dec. 2004) Page 1469-1474

Reader, Joseph

Wavelengths of the individual fine-structure components of the n = 1-2 (Lyα), n = 1-3 (Lyβ), n = 1-4 (Lyγ), n = 1-5 (Lyδ), n = 1-6 (Lyε), n = 1-7 (Lyζ), n = 2-3 (Hα), n = 2-4 (Hβ), n = 2-5 (Hγ), n = 2-6 (Hδ), and n = 2-7 (Hε) transitions of H and D are determined from theoretical values for the binding energies. Theoretical line strengths are used to obtain recommended values for the peaks of unresolved blends of these components as likely to be observed with discharge light sources and spectrometers with low to moderate resolution.