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A Computerized Reference Manual for Spectral Data and Interferences in ICP-MS

Volume 41, Number 3 (April 1987) Page 523-526

Vaughan, M.A.; Horlick, G.

The use of computers in analytical chemistry is becoming more and more important, especially the application of the microcomputers. They are used in controlling instrumentation and in data acquisition as well as for statistical analyses, word processing, and graphics output. Dessy has discussed computer workstations in the laboratory and why they are needed, while O'Haver has covered personal computer workstations, discussing the increasing power of the microcomputer and how the size and power of application programs are increasing to take advantage of this fact. Karanassios and Horlick have described in detail the use of a desk-top/mouse/icon/window style microcomputer in association with an inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometer. This desk-top/mouse/icon/window style microcomputer can be programmed to provide easy access to clearly displayed information, thus making the personal computer a desk-top reference as well as an acquisition and processing tool.