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High-Resolution Two-Grating Spectrometer for Dual Wavelength Spectral Imaging

Volume 58, Number 11 (Nov. 2004) Page 1341-1346

Gornushkin, I.B.; Omenetto, N.; Smith, B.W.; Winefordner, J.D.

A two-grating high-resolution spectrometer for dual wavelength imaging is demonstrated based on the standard Czerny-Turner mounting with an auxiliary grating and a mirror. A two-dimensional charge-coupled device (CCD) detector in the spectrometer focal plane allows simultaneous detection of two spectral intervals. Each spectrometer grating is driven by a high-precision stepper motor interfaced to a computer via home-made software. The software allows fast tuning of the gratings to a desirable spectral interval anywhere between 200 nm and 800 nm. The spectral interval widths are 2-3 nm for a ''high-resolution'' (2400 grooves/mm) grating and 4-5 nm for a ''low-resolution'' (1200 grooves/mm) grating. The resolution varies between 0.01 nm and 0.02 nm depending on the grating used. The performance of the spectrometer is demonstrated by detecting spectrally resolved images from a back-illuminated template and from a laser-induced plasma. The spectrometer can be useful for two-line spectroscopic diagnostics or can be expanded for multi-element spectral analysis.