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pH-Dependent Photophysical Behavior of Rhenium Complexes Containing Hydroxypyridine Ligands

Volume 58, Number 9 (Sept. 2004) Page 1093-1100

Bare, William D.; Mack, Nathan H.; Demas, J.N.; DeGraff, B.A.

Data related to the pH-dependent photophysics of a class of rhenium complexes containing the hydroxypyridine ligand are presented. Data include ground-state pKa values, emission energies, and lifetimes. The complexes all have ground-state pKa values near 7.0 and exhibit a dramatic change in emission intensity near this pH. The lifetimes of these complexes, however, are constant over this pH range. A model is presented to account for the observed photophysical behavior. The pH-dependent emission properties of these species make them good candidates for luminescence-based pH probes, especially in the environmental and biomedical fields.