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Spectrochemical Determination of Strontium-to-Calcium Ratio in Food, Milk, Cream, Blood Feces, and Urine of Cows

Volume 12, Number 4 (Aug. 1958) Page 120-122

Shalimoff, George V.; Conway, John G.; Pitzer, Ann E.

A d.c. carbon-arc spectrochemical method has been developed for the determination of strontium-to-calcium ratios in the food, milk, cream, blood, feces, and urine of cows. In this method sodium is added to the samples to produce uniformly enhanced and reproducible spectral lines in the range of 10−4 to 5 × 10−2 strontium-to-calcium ratio. Typical examples of analyses of the food and products of three cows are included, with a precision of ±12%