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Flowing Multi-dye Laser Cell

Volume 30, Number 3 (June 1976) Page 362-363

Oettinger, P.E.

Ultrasensitive and high resolution absorption spectroscopy is possible with continuously tunable laser sources. In order to span wide portions of the spectrum multi-dye lasing systems have been developed commercially, wherein a number of cells are mounted on a rotating carousel and individually positioned in the beam of an exciting laser source. Continually stirring the contents of the cells avoids degrading the laser output caused by localized heating of the dyes. An automatic dye-cell interchange presently being marketed, and described in the August 1974 issue of Laser Focus, positions any of six dyes in the beam of a nitrogen laser. Magnetically driven stirrers circulate the dyes to ensure sufficient flow for high peak power and resolution. The device is an accessory to a laser spectrometer that scans through the visible and near-uv regions of the spectrum (350 to 740 nm).