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The Raman Spectra of Perovskite-Structured Alkaline Earth Hafnates

Volume 30, Number 3 (June 1976) Page 352-353

Park, Chon Il; Condrate, R.A.; Snyder, R.L.

The perovskite-structured titanates and zirconates have been extensively investigated using infrared and Raman spectroscopy. However, very few papers have been published related to the vibrational spectra of hafnium-containing compounds. McDevitt and Baun reported the infrared absorption spectrum of hafnium dioxide, while Perry investigated PbHfO3 and SrHfO3 by the infrared reflection technique. This lack of data is unusual when one considers the potential electronic and high temperature applications of such hafnium-containing compounds. One must have adequate techniques for characterizing and identifying a material before one can prepare the material with optimum desired properties. Therefore, in this investigation we have measured the Raman spectra of several perovskite-structured alkaline earth hafnates (BaHfO3, CaHfO3, and SrHfO3) and analyzed the resulting spectra on the basis of their crystal structures.