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A New Method for Preparing Metallic Samples for Atomic Absorption

Volume 30, Number 3 (June 1976) Page 320-323

Ghiglione, M.; Eljuri, E.; Cuevas, C.

A method for preparing metallic dispersions by means of a water immersed spark, using a new type of disperser, is described. With this dispersion, a very concentrated colloidol-like suspension of material may be obtained, giving a simple method for the analysis of minor components of alloys. These colloidal-like dispersions, used instead of real solutions, show the same behavior when analyzed by the atomic absorption technique. The composition is representative of the alloy dispersed, and after several hours of preparation, no signs of precipitation are observed. An example is included. Minor elements of an aluminum alloy, Cu, Mg, and Mn, were determined at concentrations of about 1% with relative accuracy of ± 5% or better