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New Direct Reading Attachment for Three Meter Concave Grating Spectrograph

Volume 12, Number 5 (Oct. 1958) Page 146-149

Eikrem, L.O.

A direct reading attachment for the Baird-Atomic Three Meter Concave Grating Spectrograph is described. The 20-inch plate-holder is replaced by a "DR Head", an assembly containing focal curve, exit slits, and photomultiplier tubes. Rapid setting of exit slits is facilitated by use of an electronic slit setting attachment. A separate cabinet contains high and low voltage power supplies, the measuring circuitry, and the clock type reading units. The concentrations of eight different elements may be read simultaneously. Stability of optical alignment is assured by the use of a servo monitor which automatically and continuously keeps the spectrum lines precisely aligned with the exit slits.