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Remote Sensing Fiber Optic Probe NIR Spectroscopy Coupled With Chemometric Data Treatment

Volume 41, Number 5 (July 1987) Page 786-790

Weyer, L.G.; Becker, K.J.; Leach, H.B.

A near-infrared fiber optic probe remote sensing spectroscopic system has been developed for online multicomponent composition analysis. The Guided Wave Model 200 UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer has been evaluated as the base of this system. Multiple linear regression (MLR) software has been combined with data transfer, graphics, and online monitoring programs. The system has been evaluated in plant trials to monitor the composition of mixed alcohol purification streams, mixed solvent distillate, and a fatty acid derivative. The combined use of derivative spectroscopy and MLR data treatment provided good prediction equations for the real-time (20 s) monitoring of the concentrations of several components in moving streams.