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A Simple Thermostatted Liquid Sample Cell for Use with the Jarrell-Ash Raman Spectrometer

Volume 31, Number 1 (Feb. 1977) Page 47-48

Irish, Donald E.; Jarv, Toomas; Puzic, Olga

For quantitative Raman intensity studies of liquids and solutions it is desirable to have a cell which is easily filled and cleaned, which can be accurately and reproducibly located in the laser beam, and which can be conveniently kept at a desired temperature. With our Jarrell-Ash 25-100 monochromator with its adjoining Swiss plate (vertical optical bench at the rear of the sample chamber), the laser beam is conveniently directed onto the sample from above and the correct alignment is immediately confirmed by noting the location and shape of the spot of light which strikes a depression located on the compartment floor for this purpose. A simple cell was designed for this geometry with the property that passage through a miniscus is avoided; such a property is desirable, not only to avoid non-reproducibility between samples but also because the miniscus disperses the laser beam resulting in intensity losses.