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Raman Spectroscopic Detection for Perchlorate at Low Concentrations

Volume 58, Number 6 (June 2004) Page 741-744

Gu, Baohua; Tio, Jacqueline; Wang, Wei; Ku, Yee-Kyoung; Dai, Sheng

Perchlorate (ClO4-) has recently emerged as a widespread environmental contaminant found in groundwater and surface water, and there is a great need for rapid detection and monitoring of this contaminant. In this study, we explore the use of surface-enhanced (SERS) and normal Raman spectroscopy for detecting ClO4- at low concentrations. We found that ClO4- is SERS active and, for the first time, were able to detect ClO4- at concentrations as low as 10-6-10-7 M (or 10-100 μg/L) through the application of silver SERS substrates or selective sorbents such as bifunctional anion-exchange resins. The use of selective sorbents greatly enhanced the reproducibility and sensitivity of ClO4- detection by normal Raman spectroscopy. Further exploration and research may allow application of these techniques for in situ, real-time detection and monitoring of ClO4- in environmental samples at even lower concentrations.