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Spectroscopic Studies of Interactions between Styrene/Acrylic Acid Copolymer and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate

Volume 41, Number 6 (Aug. 1987) Page 1028-1032

Urban, Marek W.; Koenig, Jack L.

The results obtained from Fourier transform infrared study of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) in water and in the presence of styrene/acrylic acid (S/AA) copolymer are presented. The C-H stretching band of the SDS hydrocarbon tail at 2929 cm−1 and the O-H stretching of H2O are sensitive to changes in the SDS concentrations. With the increasing concentration both bands are shifted to lower frequency. A mutual presence of S/AA copolymer and surfactant in the aqueous solution leads to a splitting of the bands due to COO groups. It is proposed that the splitting is due to interactions between COO segments of the copolymer and the "surfaces" of micelles through the Na+ or Li+ ions.