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Recent Developments in NBS Spectrographic Standard Samples of Iron-Base Alloys

Volume 12, Number 4 (Aug. 1958) Page 114-116

Michaelis, Robert E.

Eight new ingot iron and low-alloy steel spectrographic standards, which are certified for 17 elements, including carbon and phosphorus, recently have been made available by the National Bureau of Standards. The standards are in the form of rods 7/32 in. in diameter and 4 in. long, and disks 1¼ in. in diameter and ¾ in. thick. The compositions of these standards are given in a table. Also shown in tables are the final certificate values for two groups of stainless steel spectrographic standards issued several years ago but which have had several elements added to the original certificates. Standard samples for x-ray fluorescence analysis of stainless steel (six standards) and tool steel (six standards) have been provided in the form of disks 1¼ in in diameter and ¼ in. thick.