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Fourier Transform Raman Difference Spectroscopy for Detection of Lignin Oxidation Products in Thermomechanical Pulp

Volume 58, Number 4 (April 2004) Page 404-409

Vester, Jette; Felby, Claus; Nielsen, Ole Faurskov; Barsberg, Søren

Spruce thermomechanical pulp (TMP) was oxidized by the 2,2′azinobis-3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulfonate cation radical (ABTS•+) in the presence and absence of oxygen. The pulp modification was monitored by Fourier transform (FT) Raman difference spectroscopy and other nondestructive spectroscopic methods. The ABTS•+ oxidative system resulted in modifications very similar to the laccase-ABTS-oxygen system, except for the FT-Raman results, which showed a difference in mechanisms attributed to a difference in produced Raman bands. Oxygen resulted in no oxygen-derived products, but only enhanced the production of a specific Raman band of several oxidation-produced bands. Detailed information on lignin reactions can be obtained from FT-Raman signals.