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Temperature Profiles of Air-Hydrogen Flames Measured by Two-line Atomic Fluorescence Method

Volume 31, Number 4 (Aug. 1977) Page 330-332

Haraguchi, H.; Winefordner, J.D.

Recently, a two-line atomic fluorescence method has been developed for the measurements of local flame temperatures of analytical flames and has been applied successfully to a variety of flames. Furthermore, it has been also demonstrated that the technique developed is very useful for the measurement of temperature profiles and atomic intensity profiles in the flames. The advantages of the optical alignment and detection system in atomic fluorescence spectrometry have been proved and utilized in these works. It should be stressed here that the benefits, which make it possible to measure local flame temperatures and local atomic intensity profiles, are important and desirable for the study of flame diagnostics and also for local sensing of chemical and physical phenomena or parameters in the analytical flames. Therefore, in this paper, the two-line atomic fluorescence method has been extended to the measurement of the full temperature profiles of air-hydrogen flames.