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Slitless Optical-Fiber Laser-Raman Spectrometer Employing a Concave Holographic Grating

Volume 31, Number 4 (Aug. 1977) Page 295-298

Walrafen, George E.

A slitless optical-fiber laser-Raman spectrometer has been developed that employs a single f/3 concave holographic diffraction grating. The exit end of an optical fiber is positioned at the grating focus, and the divergent excitation and Raman radiation are then dispersed and refocussed. Detection is accomplished by translating an exit slit and photomultiplier tube along the focal line. A moveable solid-core optical fiber that transmits light to a fixed photomultiplier tube may also be used. The holographic grating produces a straight focal line, instead of a curve, resulting in accurate focussing from 480 to 650 nm, with linear scanning. The low f-number grating was used to accommodate high numerical aperture optical fibers without loss of light. A comparison between the present spectrometer with a 55m fused silica fiber and a Jarrell-Ash Czerny-Turner single monochromator using a 1-cm bulk sample indicates a signal/noise improvement by a factor of 137 for the very weak two-phonon band from fused silica near 1600 cm−1.