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THz Transmission Spectroscopy and Imaging: Application to the Energetic Materials PBX 9501 and PBX 9502

Volume 58, Number 4 (April 2004) Page 428-431

Funk, David J.; Calgaro, F.; Averitt, R.D.; Asaki, M.L.T.; Taylor, A.J.

We report the measurement of the effective complex index of refraction near 1 THz for the Plastic-Bonded eXplosives PBX 9501 and PBX 9502. These plastic-bonded explosives consist of organic crystalline energetic materials, HMX and TATB, embedded in a binder matrix. We find that they are partially transparent at a few hundred GHz and we have applied a two-dimensional imaging technique for the detection of pre-fabricated defects in small samples.