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Raman Spectroscopy Using dc Signal Detection and a Microcomputer: An Alternative Approach

Volume 41, Number 7 (Oct. 1987) Page 1145-1147

Lewis, E. Neil; Levin, Ira W.

Raman spectroscopic data have been obtained with the use of direct current (dc) signal detection, an IBM PC/AT microcomputer, and commercially available software. Since photomultiplier currents of the order of nanoamps to microamps are readily attained for Raman emission under conditions of moderate laser excitation power levels (150-200 mW) and medium resolution spectral slits (1-4 cm−1), signal levels well within the domain measurable by dc signal detection techniques are achieved for a wide range of chemical and biochemical samples. Further, the digitization and signal averaging capabilities of generic data acquisition boards and microcomputers allow dc detection to yield signal-to-noise ratios competitive with those derived from complementary pulse-counting techniques.