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Diffuse Reflectance and Photoacoustic Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra of Silica Surfaces Under Polarizable Gases

Volume 41, Number 7 (Oct. 1987) Page 1156-1159

Story, W. Charles; Masujima, Tsutomu; Liang, Jim; Liu, Guangyue; Eyring, Edward M.; Harris, Joel M.; Anderson, Larry L.

It has been reported that the use of an infrared transparent polarizable gas such as xenon enhances the FT-IR photoacoustic signal of some species adsorbed on a sample surface. Diffuse reflectance and photoacoustic FT-IR methods were used to obtain spectra of silica surfaces under helium, nitrogen, and xenon. Absence of the reported effect with both techniques is shown, and a tentative explanation for these results is given.