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A Simple and Reliable Vacuum Seal for Optical Windows

Volume 42, Number 1 (Jan. 1988) Page 181-182

Stanley, A.E.; Grimley, R.T.

Recently, this laboratory has pursued laser photo-chemistry as a controllable and cost-effective alternative for production of high-priority materials of Army need. In the course of these investigations we routinely do gas-phase irradiations in stainless steel cells (5 × 10 cm) equipped with O-ring seals for securing windows (5-cm diameter) onto the cells. We use ZnSe windows, which take the thermal stress induced by an infrared laser beam, on those windows through which we wish to irradiate a sample. The other windows are KCl or quartz, as defined by our experimental design. We have adopted some modifications into this cell which we would like to share with other spectroscopists in hopes these will be as beneficial to them as they have been to us.