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A Flame Chemiluminescence Method for the Determination of Sulfide and Its Application to the Determination of Sulfur in Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, and Cast Iron

Volume 32, Number 2 (April 1978) Page 201-204

Hamouda, A.A.; Kirkbright, G.F.; Mounce, R.P.

A study has been made of the determination of sulfide by generation of hydrogen sulfide from acidified sample solutions followed by measurement of the chemiluminescence of the S2 species produced on introduction of the H2S into an argon-hydrogen flame. The technique is simple to perform and results in considerable increase in the absolute detection limit for sulfur compared to that obtained on aspiration of aqueous solutions of sulfide into the flame. A method has been developed to allow application of the technique to the determination of sulfur in samples of mild steel, carbon steel, and cast iron.