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Scirpene Toxin Analyses of Feed Associated with Animal Intoxication

Volume 32, Number 2 (April 1978) Page 167-174

Stahr, H.M.; Ross, P.F.; Hyde, W.; Obioha, W.

Field cases in which animals exhibit symptoms of feed refusal, mouth and lip irritation, and internal hemorrhage are common. These cases have been associated with the presence of scirpene toxins in feeds. The Chemistry Laboratory at the Iowa State University, Diagnostic Laboratory, has used existing methodology, and thin layer chromatography, gas chromatography, and mass spectroscopy to attempt to determine if known scirpene toxins were involved in a diagnostic laboratory case. Chicken embryo toxicity of the extracts, field desorption and chemical ionization indicate the presence of some known scirpene toxins as well as unknown compounds.