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Spectral Evaluation of Windowless Argon Discharge Vacuum Ultraviolet Lamps for Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy

Volume 32, Number 2 (April 1978) Page 157-160

Andrews, Lester; Tevault, David E.; Smardzewski, Richard R.

Windowless argon discharge tubes used as resonance lamps in matrix isolation experiments produced strong argon resonance radiation at 1048 and 1067 Å, and at low pressures, the Ar+ resonance doublet at 920 and 932 Å made a major contribution to the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum. At discharge pressures below 60 μ, the relative intensities of the 1048, 1067 Å argon resonance doublet are reversed in favor of the 1067 Å line, although the Ar+ resonance lines are substantially increased relative to the neutral atom emissions.