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A Single Carrier Method for the Emission Spectrometric Analysis of Uranium-Plutonium Oxides

Volume 32, Number 3 (June 1978) Page 325-326

Ko, R.

The Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory (HEDL) operated by Westinghouse Hanford Co. analyzes Pu-U mixed oxide fuels for some 23 impurity elements by the carrier distillation emission spectrometric technique. The carrier method eliminates the complex emission spectra of Pu and U by the addition of a carrier material which helps to vaporize the more volatile impurities preferentially over the refractory Pu and U oxides. To cover the determination of as many as 23 elements, HEDL has used two carriers—Ga2O3 and NaF. If only one carrier or carrier mix could be used, a considerable savings in time and effort would be realized. This paper describes a single carrier method applied to the impurities analysis of Pu-U mixed oxide fuels using SrF2-Ga2O3 as the carrier.