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Analysis of Burmese and Thai Rubies by PIXE

Volume 42, Number 1 (Jan. 1988) Page 44-48

Tang, S.M.; Tang, S.H.; Tay, T.S.; Retty, A.T.

Trace element analysis of 60 Burmese and Thai rubies by using the technique of proton-induced x-ray emission was carried out. It was found that the Burmese rubies contained higher concentrations of all impurities except iron. Our results also reveal that vanadium and iron are useful indicators for Burmese and Thai ruby attribution. The Thai rubies have high contents of iron and very low concentrations of vanadium. On the other hand, all the Burmese rubies examined contain significant amounts of vanadium, and their iron contents are, on the average, four times lower than those in the Thai rubies.