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Vibrational Assignments of Organosilanetriols. II. Crystalline Phenylsilanetriol and Phenylsilanetriol-d3

Volume 32, Number 5 (Oct. 1978) Page 469-479

Ishida, H.; Koenig, J.L.

Fourier transform infrared spectra (3800 to 450 cm−1) and laser Raman spectra (4000 to 0 cm−1) of crystalline phenylsilanetriol and phenylsilanetriol-d3, and liquid state phenylsilanetriol and phenylsilanetriol-d3 are first reported. Complete band assignments are attempted. All vibrational modes of the SiOH group except for the SiC torsional mode, including the SiOH in-plane and out-of-plane bending modes, are observed. In addition to the phenylsilanetriols, infrared and laser Raman spectra of crystalline diphenylsilanediol and triphenylsilanol are also studied to aid the band assignments.