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Characterization of Thin-Film Negative Resist via Photo-FT-IR

Volume 42, Number 3 (April 1988) Page 460-468

Sommer, A.J.; Fuerniss, S.J.; Appelt, B.K.

Negative thin-film photoresists are used extensively in the circuitization of metalized substrates. Frequently questions regarding resist performance and reproducibility arise which require extensive functional evaluation. The analysis of the exposure (intensity, dose, and wavelength) and temperature effects typically requires the incremental analysis of a large matrix of samples. Photoreactions occurring in these resists can be conveniently monitored by FT-IR and correlated with functional performance. We have developed hardware and software accessories for an FT-IR spectrometer which allows spectroscopic analysis of photoresists during exposure to UV light. The utility of the Photo-FT-IR is demonstrated by a report of the photoresponse of two typical negative photoresists as a function of intensity and wavelength. We also report on the thermal stability of these two resist systems.