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Simple Photomultiplier Tube Internal-Gating Method for Use in Subnanosecond Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

Volume 57, Number 9 (Sept. 2003) Page 1145-1150

Iwata, Tetsuo; Takasu, Tsuyoshi; Araki, Tsutomu

We propose a simple photomultiplier tube (PMT) internal-gating method for use in the field of subnanosecond time-resolved spectroscopy. In the proposed method, we control two dynodes in the PMT by applying a gate signal whose pulse width is Tg. When controlling the m th and the n (>m)th dynodes, a resolution time Δt is approximately given by Δt = Tg - (n - m)τ, where τ is a transit time of a lump of secondary electrons traveling between the two dynodes in the PMT. In principle, the resolution time Δ t shorter than the pulse width Tg of the gate signal can be easily obtained. From a fundamental performance test, we found that a subnanosecond resolution time Δt = 0.31 ns was obtained for the case of m = 2 and n = 5. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, we carried out a time-resolved spectroscopic measurement of emission obtained from a white-light-emitting diode (LED) driven by a nanosecond current pulse.