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Phase-Resolved Subnanosecond Spectroscopy Using the Beat Frequencies from Mode-Locked Lasers

Volume 42, Number 3 (April 1988) Page 483-486

Wirth, M.J.; Chou, Shiow-Hwa

It is shown that the beat frequencies inherent to a mode-locked dye laser can be used in phase fluorometry. The fluorescence lifetime of cresyl violet, quenched by KI, is determined with the use of the first two harmonics of a synchronously pumped dye laser. The results from the two frequency components are in excellent agreement. The fluorescence life-time is determined by time-resolved spectroscopy, with the use of the same sample and photomultiplier. The data show that narrower confidence intervals are obtained in the phase-resolved measurement, and this result is attributed to the high phase stability of a cw mode-locked laser.