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On-line Identification of Gas Chromatographic Fractions by a Raman Multichannel Spectrometer

Volume 33, Number 3 (June 1979) Page 278-283

D'Orazio, M.

A Raman multichannel system is described which is feasible for the on-line identification of fractions separated by gas chromatographic columns. In Raman multichannel systems, the sensor, i.e., the laser focus, is small enough and the possible recording times are short enough to avoid any affliction of the separation process, even with capillary columns in use. At the measurements described, capillary columns with a length of 15 m and an inner diameter of 0.25 mm were employed. The detection limit was at about 1 to 10 nl of one fraction corresponding to about 1 to 10% of the total amount of sample suited for capillary columns.