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Direct Observation of a Spectral Sensitizing Dye Adsorbed to AgBr Microcrystals in a Photographic Film Containing Gelatin Using Surface Enhanced (Resonance) Raman Spectroscopy

Volume 42, Number 5 (July 1988) Page 882-891

Brandt, E.S.

Surface enhanced (resonance) Raman scattering [SE(R)RS] has been used to obtain the first molecular spectra ever observed for an organic molecule within a photographic matrix containing gelatin. The molecule, 1,1'-diethyl-2,2'-cyanine, is a well-known model spectral sensitizer dye. The experiment uses partial development of a photographic film to create the necessary combination of conditions favorable to SE(R)RS and fluorescence quenching that discriminate the vibrational spectrum of the dye from the background. Under these conditions, Raman signals from gelatin are not observed. Enhancement factors and detection limits are determined with the use of photographic films and several model SE(R)RS-active substrates. Electron microscopy and model substrates are used to further characterize the SE(R)RS-active sites in a photographic film.