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Comparison of Interference Effects for Manganese in Constant Temperature vs Pulse-type Electrothermal Atomization

Volume 33, Number 3 (June 1979) Page 226-230

Hageman, Lynn; Mubarak, Ahmed; Woodriff, Ray

The application of electrothermal atomization techniques for atomic absorption spectroscopy has increased many fold in recent years. Along with this widespread application, matrix interferences in pulse-type electrothermal atomizers have been observed. Until recently, very few interference studies have involved constant temperature electrothermal atomizers. In this paper a comparison is made of interferences in pulse-type vs constant temperature atmoziers for various metal chlorides on the Mn atomic absorption signal. The results show no interferences in the constant temperature system while significant matrix interferences are observed in the pulse type unit. It is proposed that the observed differences are due mainly to the rate at which volatilized analyte attains atomization temperature and the residence time in the hot environment.